Collection: Kali'a Arrayan Charity Product Line

Join us in rallying for the Arrayan family, as their youngest member, 5-month-old Kali'a, courageously battles leukemia. Detected early by vigilant pediatricians, Kali'a is now receiving intensive treatment at Radys Children's Hospital, with the family finding a temporary home at The Ronald McDonald house. Casey, Kali'a's father, a dedicated Fire Captain, and Heather, a devoted stay-at-home mom, are facing unimaginable challenges, including financial strain due to medical bills and living expenses. By purchasing this T-shirt or Sweatshirt, you're contributing to their fight against leukemia, helping cover medical expenses, and ensuring the family stays strong together. 

Be Advised: The T-Shirts and Tank Tops have a more Athletic Fit so many of our customers enjoy selecting a size up from their normal sizes.